Can Solar Save You Money?

Solar can help you become self-sufficient and keep the lights on in a power outage... but can it save you money? Find out in the video below! 

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 Travis showed up early was very knowledgeable as to what he was going to do and he explained everything to me step-by-step which I was very grateful for I highly recommend him for everyone to hire! It is very good to know that I now have an electrician guy that I can trust!
-Ed M. Saint George
 They are experienced and honest. 
-Beverly R. Southern Utah
 Extremely professional and knowledgeable! Communication was excellent and the project was completed on time. 
-Lynda H. Saint George

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Solar Panels In The Snow
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Should I Get A Battery Backup?

If you are tied to a power grid, and there is a blackout, you won't have power.

"But I have solar panels... SURELY that means I'm safe?"

Sadly, no.

Any electrical system needs a way of storing the power it uses, and if all you have are solar panels, then the power grid stores your power for you. If that goes down, you go down too.

But There Is Hope!

If you add batteries to your system, you can close the circuit and always keep your power... Whether the sun sets, or the zombie apocalypse happens, you will be safe and prepared.

Now, these batteries are a little different than the standard Double-A Batteries from your local gas station. Our expert team of specialized professionals can help you discover what type of battery you will need.

Curious about how much battery backups cost?
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